Super Bowl:)

Yes we still watch football..... not happy with some of the teams behavior but it's still football:) Go EAGLES!
As I am typing this Hubby is tearing out part of his bathroom wall:) YEA!!!
And my Jury Duty has been cancelled for tomorrow:) What an awesome day!!!

Busy week quilting here:

This is the first of Tricia's quilts. It is from the pattern Chopsticks by Jaybird Quilts. Yes I have one already cut out using a Tula bundle:)

I custom quilted it:)

Remember if you click on the picture it will make it bigger:) I SO want you to see the quilting!
The backing is really cool!

Another one made by Tricia!
VERY modern and fun for me to quilt!!!

As you can see in the closeup:) I used a new ruler on the border and lots of swirls.

It needed a bit of color so there are straight lines of color coming off the blocks:) Really cool!!!

The backing really goes well with the quilt:)

Lenore made this Disappearing 9 patch quilt using some batiks.

Feathers in the border and then curlz all over.

Unusual backing choice!

Got 2 more Bee blocks stitched out.... only 5 more I think:)

Well that's all from here.... have We Care Bee and my regular Bee this week so only home 2 days... SO glad no jury duty!!!

Have a great week!!!!


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