July 11, 2012

Wow we have actually had rain in July here in Texas. That is unheard of!!!! We are grateful!
Ok for a few surprises.. First our newest cat member Miskiti went to vet on Mon and she had ear mites and is carrying 4 babies:) Surprise! She is due within 2 weeks so if you know of someone who wants a kitten please please lmk!
Second....as I was texting my hubby this I was walking and texting...there should be a law against this....I stepped into a hole and twisted my ankle. Yup the same one I rolled earlier this year:(  So off my feet for the week. Sucks!!!!
So here are pics of the quilts from last week:

 This is a Project Linus blanket I made. I had stitched out one of the flowers for a block exchange but then didn't make the mtg so made another and made a quilt:)
 These are the Quilts Beyond Borders that I quilted. Pat did the bindings and they are on there way to one of the ladies that delivers them to the children overseas.
These were quilted for Mrs Taylor. She is about 85 and sewed nonstop I think:) haha!!! She is a great Project Linus contributor. These are for her friends.

Well hopefully I will be back at the quilted next week!

My daughter just opened her Etsy store where she is selling her handmade one of a kind jewelry. Please check it out!


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