Sept 29, 2012

Hard to believe Oct is just a few days away!!!! Where does the time go??
It is a nice cooler and rainy day today! Love it!!!! We needed the rain desperately! Of course it's no fun running from the house to the studio in the rain but then it doesn't rain enough to actually invest in a covered walkway either:)
Got a little bit of quilting done and some Election work done to.
All my Christmas gift quilting is finished so no more stress there for me! Now just customer quilting to stress me out:) haha!!!!

This is Dot's Halloween quilt. Love the cats!!!! I quilted 2 spider webs in the corners:)

The border quilting.

 This is the back:) She used all the scraps she could as there will be no more Halloween quilts or so she says:) haha!!! Good thing hubby is tall so we can see the whole quilt:)
 This picture shows the back of the quilt with the quilting I did.

Here is a Lil Twister Christmas table topper I made:) Now to get it quilted:)

The newest addition to the Studio:)
Yes his tail moves and so does his eyes.

Three Project Linus Quilts Dot made and I quilted. Sweet!

Okay a new obsession:)
When the girls and I went to Fredricksburg show we had to go to Sew Creations in Kerrville. It is a must! They had these gorgeous pillows made and I had to make me some too!!!!

First you have your panel, wool batting, and the Texture Magic.
The lady in Kerrville said wool batting was the best so took her word for it.

 Then you quilt them. Remember the closer the quilting the tighter the bunching up.
 This is how I quilted mine.
 This is the "Magic".
Then you steam the heck out of it from the fabric side. Hard to tell but look at the sides and you can see ripples where it hasn't been steamed yet.
 Okay here is is all steamed and flat. You steam it until there is no more shrinkage.

Tried to take a picture of it from the side so you can see it is poofed up.

 Here they are all finished:)

It is a really neat process and I would definetly do it again!!!!!

Well busy quilting week ahead and I will post the pictures as soon as I can:)
Happy Quilting!


Jocelyn said…
Lou, your quilting is beautiful! How do I get a hold of you if I'd like to have something quilted? I can't find any contact info for you. Thanks!

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