Sept 10, 2012

Hello everyone!!!
What glorious weather we have been having! The windows are open and it is just so nice and cool in the morning!!!! Love cold fronts!!! Unfortunately we got no rain:(
The allergies have been acting up again:( Ragweed is in full season so I was down and out for a few days each of the last 2 weeks and I am now behind in my mind:) I have both Hummels quilted and one completely bound and the other about halfway done doing the handstitching :) Should finish it tonight:) yea!!! Need hubby to help me with a picture so will post that next time.
Mrs Taylor decided to drop off 10 little quilts from her gdaughters daycare so they are in line with Leigh's and Cassie's. Hopefully next week as this week is jam packed with things!
We had a wonderful speaker at the Temple Guild mtg last moth Sam Winover from Two Sisters Quilting and she had setup a booth at the Fredricksburg show earlier this month and I had to buy a little twister ruler. If you haven't seen this in action I took pics of the process. What fun!!! She will be at teh Austin Show thsi weekend to. Also check out her website...she is an internet store.

First you sew the quilt together. I know:) Found these lovely charm squares at Sew Creations in Kerrville.

Then you use your little template and start cutting.

Your quilt is starting to look like swiss cheese with all the holes:)
 Here are the first row of pieces I cut out.

Here I laid out  part of the second and third row.....
 Swiss cheese....really!
 Here are the first 3 rows sewn together. Really easy and adds a new meaning to cutting the fabrics, then sew the fabrics together and cut is back into pieces....You lose about 1/3 of the size....still need to finish this one up:)

Here is this months Snowman BOM all done:) Only 2 more and then the finishing kit:) yea!!! I am doing all the applique by hand.

Hopefully next week I will have the Hummel quilt pictures for you.
Oh by the way the kitties are growing so fast we had to move them out of their box and into a makeshift playpen. They are so adorable!!!! They are 25 days old today and looking for homes:) PLEASE!!!!!!
Happy sewing!


Anonymous said…
I LOVED that quilt before you started cutting it up! I think that is why I will never be a true quilter, I want to cry when I see such beautiful things getting cut to pieces! -Lori Beth

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