July 28, 2013

Well another month about gone? Where are the days going???

Summer is to finally settle in here in Texas but the 100 degree days are not here for more than 1-2 days at a time:) I am SO not complaining! However the humidity has been super high so it feels like 100+ everyday:( So glad for the invention of the air conditioner:) yea!

FIL update:) SIL will begin driving them from Fl to Tx on the 5th:) yea!!!! I have hired someone to clean their house and am thinking I should hire her too:) Not! My hubby is SO good at cleaning the house:) He asked for his payment and I told him I could make him some lunch:) He was happy with that:)

I was busy all week but don't have much to show for it? I guess we all have those days, weeks, months:) haha!

Ok so here are a few pictures of things I worked on.... of course there are pictures I can't post until after birthdays or even Christmas:) Yes I am being sneaky!
Grand daughters ABC quilt all done:)

Closeup of the quilting. Love the free form flowers in the borders.

Here's the backing. They will hang it.

My Modern Curves quilt top is done? I think? Maybe an orange border all around? Its long enough but I need more width so I am thinking 6" on the sides? Will have to get the fabric and lay it out and see if that is the plan or not. Any suggestions?

This is what's on my frame. I have 2 more rows to quilt and then the borders:) Will have finished pictures next week. No this is not mine:)
Stay cool and Sew on:)


I love your ABC quilt! I need to be working on Christmas gifts too...maybe soon. :) blessings, marlene

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