Aug 10, 2013

Hellllooooo!!! Have to say it in Mrs Doubtfires voice:) haha!!! Ok I am silly today:)
We are all ready for the in laws to arrive tomorrow:) Their house is ready, their fridge is full and mentally we are ready for anything:) Ok maybe not the last part:)heehee!

I was ok I did clean out the customer quilts and then more arrived:) yea:)
So here are this weeks pictures:) Enjoy!

Ok first up is Emily's quilt. This is a Christmas gift:)

She picked Deb's Swirls and honey thread:)

Love the quilting on the back:)
Next is Elaine's Froggy baby quilt. She used a cute frog book panel to make this.
We decide on loops and green/blue variegated thread.

Here is the backing fabric.... just TOO cute!

WHOO HOO my Illusions quilt is quilted bound and hanging in the studio:)

I did free hand swirls in the black and twirls in the twister blocks.

Should of used black batting but remembered that a little too late:(
Oh well it's mine and I love it!!!!
Really got a bunch of Medallion blocks sewed at our Sew Creative Bee meeting yesterday:) What fun we have!!!!
Have a sewtastic week!!!!


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