Aug 17, 2013

Hi ya'll!!!

The in laws arrived safe and sound last Sunday:) I am still adjusting to their schedule:( I usually did errands and such in the morning and then sewed in the afternoon well that is all different now. It takes them all morning to get ready to go shopping at 1:30-2 so I am not getting to much done:( Will have to figure something out as the quilts are stacking up! At least everyone understands:) Thank you!!!!

I did get one quilt quilted really fast on Mon and a few PL's and that is all the quilting this week. I have been getting a few more medallion blocks sewed and a bit of embroidery on the machine done.

Oh and yesterday was the babies birthday! Wow a whole year old!!!! We had a small invitation only party:) Which meant all the indoor cats got to attend:) There were party hats but they were not happily worn:( But the special Fancy Feast they all got for snack was wonderful... I am guessing so as there was none left:) he he!!! Would of put a candle on one can but didn't have any... how do you get a cat to blow out candles anyway????
Oh and since we don't know the birthdays of the other 4 we just had a community party:) They all found us:)

Ok now to pictures:)

This is Dot's Western quilt she is donating to Llano Volunteer Fire Dept for their auction in a few weeks.

She needed it by Friday as they are going on vacation so I got it loaded and quilted lightening fast:) She did get the binding on in time and hubby took it yesterday:)

I used a western panto on it... can you see the longhorn? There is also the shape of Texas and a cowboy hat:)

Leigh has made another beautiful Texas flag quilt. She is putting this one in a local shop to sell.

If you are interested in it just drop me an email and I will forward the info:)

My Twister Cross quilt has a new home:) Our Bee Sew Creatives meet in a small church in Belton and I thought the quilt needed to be there:) The pastor and Kathy's Grandkids are in the picture too:)
Okay now Birthday pictures... they are loaded with cats so if you aren't interested in darling baby pictures have a great week!
This is when they were babies:)
Jax and his hat:)

Gemma and her hat:)

Why does she have a hat too?

Hey come here!!!!

Ok I have had enough partying:)

Silly it's suppose to be on my head... oh wait no it's not!

I am posing because I am Princess Gemma Bella:)
A fun day was had by all... or at least I think so!
Then I was snacking on chips last night and what did I find??? A heart in the center of one:) Too cool!

Sew have a terrific week!!!!


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