Dec 28, 2014

The last post of the year!
Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!!! Ours was nice and quiet:) MIL did pretty well at our house... they all went to cemetery to wish FIL a Merry Christmas and they were surprised to find his headstone had been place:) made them all happy:)
Since Dazi has been on vaca I have been sewing:) yea!!!! Have lots of things to show you today.... all the gifts I made can also be revealed:)

Embroidered the pink ribbon on this shirt for Pat to give to Linda:)

My daughter and Son in Law belong to the Church of Bacon so they each got a bacon ornament:) The cat is Steampunk so Kayla loved it:)

A UT pillow for me and Pat:)


Crabapple Hill Snowmen kitchen towels... I think I kept one for myself... will have to check:)

A cute fabric book for my kinda adopted niece and nephew..

Side view....

For the adopted Nephew a street quilt. The jean pockets are able to hold the cars like a garage.

Definitely needed street signs!

Cute backing fabric I found! It's not quilted at all.

My adopted niece's doll needed some clothing so I sewed her a few outfits and added in the necessary shoes.

These are the ones I sewed. The others I found at an antique store.

And of course a case to keep them in.
I know you remember this picture from last week. Well......

This is what came from all those blocks.
It is Night Sky by Jaybird Quilts. I had the kit for about 6 months and thought I better get it made up. Just noticed the picture is sideways:)

Close up of one of the blocks. Her directions are so clear!

This is on my design wall now. I bought the kit in Houston and have really been scared to start cutting but made myself yesterday and this is how far I got. Still need to sew all the strips together and make the border. LOVE it!!!! And it wasn't that hard after all:) It is called Two Fabric Bargello by Susie Weaver if you are interested.

My Flowering Snowball is all hand pieced and ready to get put together for hand quilting.... it is suppose to get really cold on New Years so I will be working on it all day!

This is as far as I got on a Cat quilt kit I think I have had at least 2 years. Just need to sew together. It is called Cool Cats.
So I have been a busy bee! Dazi is back up and running but won't get back to the business side until the 5th.
Enjoy your week, sew a lot, and Happy New Year!!!!


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