Jan 12, 2014

Helllooo!!! You need to say that Mrs Doubtfires way:)

Had a lovely visit with my daughter:) We got all the Dr Who blocks stiched and they are waiting for sashing fabric I found on Ebay:) Don't tell her but we really needed a visit too:) ha ha!!! She reads this too!

She flew out VERY early Wed and I was sick with Cedar fever since:( I bought new OTC drugs and they seem to be helping a bit. I am already taking 4 allergy drugs with 2 being prescriptions. Wow! As soon as cedar is done there will be something else:( UGH! I just keep trudging along.

Since I didn't get any quilting done... the pumpkin quilt has been loaded all week I will post pictures of Christmas gifts I made last year.

These are Benjamin's Blocks.
The patterns are from the S is Stitch Book. Love it!!!
Here are just the letters

Here are the words that go with them. Each block also had fabrics that went with the letter.

A doll house for Miss Peyton! Come on in....

Oh look inside.

What a funky couch! But love the art work:)

Wild staircase to????

Here are the paper or um fabric dolls. With pets of course!
Peyton asked where the faces were... I can't draw:) ha ha!
Oh and the clothing and accessories there are!

Here is back and it has the pouch for all the goodies. They were made from panel I bought from Fat Quarter shop. The directions for the play house were free for awhile... so glad I saved them! I made 2 sets and so thankful I did because  wouldn't ever made the second one if I would of waited! My grand daughter will get hers this summer.

What a bad picture of a gorgeous giraffe I cross stitched for my BFF Pat. The fabric is hand dyed linen.

Lots of family and friends got these cute recipe towels Bree and I made up:)

They are designs from Embroidery Library.

Cute!!!!! I saw these at my local needle shop and had to buy 2 kits. One for me and one for my friend Mrge:) Just adorable!!! We both have black cats.

Karin liked her bluebonnet cross stitch I made. I let her frame it so she can do it to match the other frames in her house.

Here is the Dr Who top so far. The space/planet fabric will be the orders. She is going to Comic Con next month in New Orleans and wants to take it with her so I am trying to get it done by the end of this month and in the mail to her. We hand stitched all the blocks while she was here.
Oh and we are proud because she is officially a member of the student body at Southern MS:)
Enjoy the week!!!! And Happy stitching!
Oh and only 2 people caught my big temperature boo boo last week... Are you guys reading or just scanning thoruggh. No it was not on purpose spell check didn't catch it;)


Cheryl said…
Such wonderful handmade presents, your family members were very lucky!

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