April 13, 2014

What an absolutely beautiful week! The windows have been open and the kitties are in heaven:) However that will all change tomorrow:( Have a chance for a light freeze Tuesday morning:( Just wish it would make up its mind!
Was on the road 2 days this week with Thursday being blood work, meeting up with friend for breakfast and then running errands and then on Friday it was Bee day:) But I did get some quilting done:)

I have Lori Beth's wedding quilt done but will ship out tomorrow and then post pictures next week:) You have to wait until you get it to see it:) ha ha!!!

This is Jill's Bricks quilt made with Batiks for her friend.

We used Curlz and Feathers Panto on it with a dark green thread. Love the way it turned out!

Here is her backing:)
My friend Pat is making a retirement quilt for her SIL Charlie.
I have been helping:) I embroidered all the duty stations.

he pictures are of Charlie right out of Boot Camp and then when he retired. The choppers are what he flew in the Army.

Then I quilted it very simply. Mostly outlining everything.

Great backing fabric! I will post a picture of when it is all done... Pat still needs to bind, put hanging tabs and all the pins on it. Awesome!

Stitched this up real quick:) A free design from Jenny from Elephantz.

Took the pieces of this to bee on Friday and then finished it up yesterday:) It is Science Fair by Jaybird Quilts. I used a jellyroll of Botanics. LOVE IT!!!! Of course it will have to wait to be quilted:(

Closeup of some of the blocks. Her ruler is awesome and her directions make all her patterns so easy! The Toes in the Sand and Park Bench BOM's are her patterns to.
Well gonna have to find my jacket again for this week:(
Enjoy your week!!!!


Barb said…
You showed so many amazing things it is hard to comment on just one....the military quilt will be something to cherish forever.

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