May 12, 2014

Happy day after Mother's Day!!!

Internet service was so slow all weekend I could get anything posted. Hope everyone had a marvelous Mother's Day! I heard from both of the kids and got gift cards:) Hubby took me out to eat and we stopped at Joann's. Perfect day!

We had a really good rain storm come through last week... we got 2 inches of rain but probably more since the rain gauges doesn't catch the sideways rain. Studio had a little bit of leakage but was dry by the next day. We are suppose to get more storms tonight and into tomorrow. We SO need the rain no one is complaining!

Was really working hard quilting last week:) Here is what I got done:

This is Erlene's Paper Doll quilt. It is SO darn cute!!!!

I got to fill up a lot of negative space.

Just adorable!!!! Love the little worm peeking out.

Here is all the quilting I did:) It was all freehand.

This is Nell's Texas quilt. More negative space to fill up.
                              Hubby is holding it up since it is so big.

Here is a closeup. All the little blocks around the large Tx are paper pieced.

One of the corners.

The backing shows all the quilting.

I got a few more A-Z snowmen stitched up. This is 2 weeks worth.

Pat and I are making a Texas flag quilt as a thank you gift for the owner of the farm house in Giddings where we will once again be staying next month.
It was brought to my attention that I never posted Lori Beth's wedding quilt. Finally found the pics and here she is!

Remember this is a quilt for a guy from Tx marrying a gal from CA. The gal has received it and loves it! Said it was the first time anyone has ever given her a quilt:)

Here is the backing.
Hope everyone has an awesome week!
I have a snowman quilt loaded so hoping it will help keep me cool:)


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