May 21, 2014

I know I am almost done with this week and still have not posted. Still had Internet problems and usually they work themselves out but no this time... so called TWC and they rebooted at their end and all is good now. I will have to remember to call earlier next time:)

Hubby has his plane ticket bought and will fly down to get the in laws. MIL may wait and fly with my SIL since she has not been feeling well. Would make life easier for my Hubby! And it would be a male bonding trip:) Since the cat is a male also:) ha ha!!!

Finally got my hubby to the eye Dr. First time I think ever... or at least the 34 years I have known him. He needs trifocals. We are hoping he gets them this week so he can adjust before the big trip!

I don't have a lot to show this week as one quilt is quilted but I am doing the binding and a sleeve for it so it will be posted in the next post.
But here is what I have.....
First up is Janie's Snowman quilt. I was SO proud that she is starting SO early:) ha ha!!! She didn't get it finished last year. Now that is something we can all relate t!

I got to play and did a lot of outlining. Snowmen are a weakness of mine. Probably because we hardly ever get to see them here in Central Texas.

Can't really see all the quilting on the back but the fabric is wonderful!

I played with a new ruler this weekend:) This is a Project Linus quilt I made with leftovers.

Another snowman block.... wait what is that orange blur?

You can see tiny feet in the right lower corner....

Here I am!!!! Bob just had to get in the picture:)
Enjoy what's left of the week and the next post will be picture heavy!


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