May 24, 2014


I have been battling it out with TWC to get this Internet working right. They say it's my computer yet if I have their modem unplugged for an extended amount of time everything is just dandy! Not sure what we will do except unplug the modem every night. As long as it works!

It was my 33rd wedding anniversary yesterday:) Hubby took off early and brought me the cutest little bouquet:) Of course with all this in law coming back and then not and then yes stuff we are both just happy to not hear from them yesterday!

Hubby flies out Wed and will bring his FIL and the cat home for sure. The MIL has a Dr appt on Tues? Yes she should of already been since she says she's sick..... not wanting to come is more like it! If she is actually sick the SIL will fly down and stay with her and then fly her back. Have to wait till Tues to s what is gonna happen with her I do know the guys are coming back for sure!

We have a lot of yard work to do and their house to clean this weekend so everything will be ready when someone gets here:) Of course we have30% chance of rain all weekend so we are hoping we are in the other 70% for today only!

Ok now for all my work:)
First up is a cute baby blanket for DJ. I just had to embroider the name.

This is Madonna's Iris quilt. So modern!

The sun finally came out for a bit while I was taking this picture:)

I used the Curlz and Feathers panto with a purple thread.( Thank you Jill for making me do that for you:)

Here is the backing... her binding is purple so it is gonna be a stunner!

This is Ruby's peace quilt. She cross stitched it all and nearly went crazy according to her:)

I made them into a quilt for her.

Lot of outlining and loops.

This is Karen B's quilt hat will be donated to a friend's church to be auctioned off. I was still working on the binding last post.

There are machine emb scriptures and 9 patches that have been cut up

Here is the backing and my quilting:)
I have a big queen loaded and am quilting on right now.... VERY custom so it maybe all I get done for the next update... well ok maybe not::
Have a super awesome week!!!!


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