July 20, 2013

Hello all!

I am so exhusted from night calls from FIL. I have a hard time sleeping and if I am woken usually do not ever go back to sleep:( So I have been functioning on about 12 hours of sleep the past 3 days:( SIL is coming tomorrow and we are going to try a week on and a week off. I am behind on everything:( So needless to say I have pics but not much quilting.

Ok I got one quilted last weekend... I think I showed a peek last week:)

Love this monster panel!

Marlene just lets me play!

It was a nice day that day.... we had tons of rain ... well ok almost 3in last week and that is unheard of in Texas in July!
This how Bob sits every morning on my lap as I am reading emails:) He has become the official studio cat.

Please take my good side!

I have working on my daughter's Steam Punk Crazy patch wall hanging.

Have had the emb designs done for awhile but was afraid to start cutting. I do have to say that was SO much fun!!!! Now I get to embellish... I have lots of stuff:) Of course there will be handwork:)

The last block......

What I am working on now.... looks like a spider but it's not:)
Hopefully I will be able to get some sleep and sew next week:)
Have an awesome week!!!!


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