July 13, 2014

Hope everybody is sewing a bunch!!! I am sneaking in a bit every once in awhile:( Wish there were more hours in the day but I would probably sleep more then:) ha!
The in laws are getting PT twice a week and a nurse coming so there are 4 days a week with things going on... add a Dr appt for FIL this week, Guild Mtg and I have a Dr appt Friday and you can go ahead and call this coming week over already:( Oh well there are always the weekends:)
Talking about weekends..... nice transition Eh? SIL came in Thursday so I ran errands and met Hubby for dinner. Fri I quilted and had a full day for me:) Yesterday Hubby and I ran away to Buda TX. They have a lovely Quilt Shop that I have never been to... how did I miss that one? They just moved to their new location in April. Lots of fabric and gifty items.... hence the name... B&B Quilting and Gifts. Found some Moda trims, a Bird Brain pattern... love them!, and small book of embroidery designs:)

Love the quilt in the stone!

Erlene had told me about a pie place next door to the shop. Well they moved but there was a dessert place by the old location. But there was a pie place about 15 in down the hwy in Kyle. So we opted for it. It is the Texas Pie Co. and man are they good!!!!

Easy to find...esp with a big slice of pie on the bldg:)

My Almond Joy small pie... no slices just small or reg sized pies. Check out the huge cup of coffee!!!!

Hubby's Peach and Strawberry pie with a scoop of Blue Bell Vanilla Ice Cream:)

My bowl... my BFF Pat wanted 2 bites so that was what I had left:) Forgot to bring it back for her though:( Ha ha!

                                                   Hubby's Bowl:)

Okay I did get a quilt done this week.....

This is Erlene's Daffodil 9 patch quilt.

She wanted loop meander all over but agreed to some feathers in the border:)

Love Comma fabric!!!! Here is the back.

Have been able to fit a few Disappearing Hourglass blocks in every day:)
Just love making them!!!! Am thinking probably a few Project Linus blankets:)

Only 1 more A-Z Snowman blocks to go:)... bought the border fabrics already:)

What I am quilting right now:)
Bob went to the vet for a recheck on his ears and was treated for a yeast infection and got his booster shots. He goes back in 3 weeks just for an ear check. He didn't bite or claw anyone except me:) He has a large bright red sticker in his file that states... Will Bite... poor dude!!!! He even jumped into my lap last week:) He is feeling SO much better!!!!
Have an awesome week!




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