August 16, 2014

Oh my it is still August:( This week is SO dragging!!!!
 I am on inlaw duty this week and all we do is get up, get dressed, visit/MIL eat lunch w /FIL, go home/shop/Dr Appt, then back to rehab center for MIL to eat dinner with FIL and then hubby picks her up and stays the night at her house. Unless there is Bingo and then hubby takes MIL there:) She does need some excitement:) haha!!!
My nephew came from Austin on Thursday and spent time w/FIL and then went to Bingo. They had a great time but didn't win any $ :( 
SIL comes on Monday then I can quilt and do my appts:) yea!!!!

So unfortunately I only have one picture to share and it is an awesome picture for sure!!!!

This is Kathi and she is a dear friend, a guild member and in our Bee. She is also a VERY creative lady that is helping me go beyond my safe zone:) Thank you!! Well ok back to Kathi. This is her Hoffman Challenge entry:) It is hanging at the Rocky Mountain Quilt Festival. I got to see it at the beginning stages and loved it then and love it more now:) We are all SO proud of her!!!!! Great job Kathi!!!!
Today is also Jax and Gemma's birthday:) They are 2 years old:)
Of course we celebrate everybody's birthday today since we only really know theirs:) YUMS!!!!
I will be quilting this week so I will def have some beauties to show you:)
Have an awesome week!!!!!


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