August 3, 2014

Yes you read that right... it is August? Don't remember July!

The weather has been so unusual this year!! We usually have had at least 20-30 days of 100+ temps. This year we have had 0... yes 0! Everything is SO green and beautiful! We even had a cold front this week that dropped us down to 80's as the high and 69 as a low??? Just Wow!!!!

Well it was a pretty bad week here:( FIL fell on Tues and didn't want to go to hospital so we waited... won't do that again! He had a urology appt on Wed and then got xrays of his back done. He was in SO much pain I called 911 Wed night and got him checked into Metroplex. They then transferred him to Scott and White Thurs morning to the Neurology floor.. We went up Thurs and saw no Dr's:( So hubby was at hosp at 7am Friday morning. He met all the Dr's:) That's when they told us of his stress fracture on the T12. No surgery and no brace because he is pretty frail. So they are controlling the pain and he can be moved to a rehab this week. He will be there 3-4 weeks. Maybe longer? Needless to say it was a week!!!! SIL arrives tomorrow and will check out the 3 rehabs I have picked and then go from there. Never a dull minute around here!

Well while we were at Scott and White I remembered that Whoolala was hanging on display there so Hubby and I went on a stroll and found it:

So here she is:)

Her sign... lots of mistakes but I did email the information to her but I guess it was?????

Here is Carolla's Santa quilt I quilted last week all done:) Love it!!!!

2 more BOM's done. Only 1 more month to go:)
Hoping to get some quilting done this week with SIL here caring for MIL:)
Have an awesome week!


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