Aug 9, 2014

Ok summer is finally here:( ugh!!!! 99+ temps and no chance for rain for awhile:( Have had to water the yard and flowers and hubby finally is washing his truck:)

Went to Austin today to Sew Much More to pu my Bernina and drop off my other Bernina:) Spa treatments:) Was a nice drive and a quick shopping trip:) Stopped at the Honey Bee on the way:) They had the new Grunge Layer Cakes... well of course had to get one:) Not sure what I am going to do with it but since I don't have to feed it, it can just be lovingly looked at until I figure it out:) haha!!!

Since it was my week off I got quilting done:) yea!!!!

First up is Ophelia's Lutheran church quilt. There is a group of friends with the youngest being 84 that get together every year to make a raffle quilt for the church. They are all friends and not all members of the church:)

I have been honored to quilt a few of them:)  This year is a lovely Texas quilt.

They let me "play".

So I get to have fun for a good cause:)

Karen B started quilting this one and had machine problems so I got to finish it for her:)

The large applique in the middle is an actual wool patch for a jacket.

Backing was fleece.

Ok if you can believe this but this is a first time quilter:) She made this about 15 years ago and stuck it on a shelf. Well one of my regulars told her about me and I was honored to finish it for her:)

I immediately saw feathers in the cream area:) Love how it turned out!

The backing was muslin so you can really see thequilting:)
Almost forgot to update you on inlaws. FIL was moved to rehab facility on Thursday. It is just a few blocks away from the house. He likes it there and MIL likes it there when she visits. Now remember I have been off all week so I will get to see it on Monday. When I am off I stay far away!!!! I pretend I am in another town and can't drive that far:) Really my house is right next door but I need to get caught up on the business and house, oh and of course the animals. KoKo had her first appt for shots and she is overweight... duh:) haha!!!! Bob went for his ear recheck but had to have another treatment on his left ear. Hopefully all his "friends" will be gone. He goes on the 22nd for a recheck, neuter and teeth cleaning. He will really be mad at me after that appt:) He is SO thankful to be in the air conditioned studio these days:)
Have an awesome week and get sewing instead of spending all your time on the computer:) haha!!!!


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