Sept 14, 2014

Hey ya'll!!!

I think we got our winter already and I am thinking Spring is around the corner?? Haha!!! We had a lovely cold front come through on Friday. The temp dropped 20 degrees and it was a frisky 56 Saturday morning)We got a bit of rain and this morning it was 63. Still overcast and of course all windows are open and the cats are loving live tv:) Suppose to get to 82 today....nice!!!!!

Well I got an extra week off after some campaigning. Mostly the SIL wanted to leave the 10th and not come back until the 1st....NOT!!! I had way too many quilts that needed to get out so we settled on the 16th-30th.
SIL is going out of state so needed the extra time. She did say she could stay a lot in Oct and Nov and I am holding her to it!!! Her other is a hunter so not home anyway. She usually flew to FL and stayed with the inlaws those months anyway. And of course this is the busy season for us quilters... even though is has been pretty busy all year:)

This is what I got finished this week:

First up is my last BOM of Park Bench... as I type I have all but one row sewn together:) I think Bob approves?

Megan's Texas Panel. Love the way the borders are all on one side!

I got to play:)

Cute backing!

2 wallhangings also from Megan.

She will have these for sale at the Officer's Wives Bazaar next month.

A black Christmas boot runner. Yes Megan:)
 I also did the tan ones last post.

Hope she sells them!
I think this is a Flirty panel? Love the applique in the corners.

Had fun quilting this!

Yes Megan's:)

This is Carolla's little fall topper. Her mom wants to take it back to Germany and give it to a friend:)

I squeezed it in:)

This is the bazaar raffle quilt. They each made a block and then made the quilt.

I had fun quilting it anyway I wished:)

Here are the first 6 blocks.

And then the second 6 blocks.

And the backing. Sorry about all the shadows I took the pictures outside under the trees.

This is Cam's quilt for her son that wants to attend the University of Texas:)
Once again shadows:(

I emb his name on it....

And also this design. I found it on Etsy if anyone is interested.

And the back.
I have one more to finish today or tomorrow and then I will be back on duty so not expecting to get anything done unless hubby takes one of the weekend days so I can quilt. He often offers and yes I do accept. I have 11 in the closet and 2 have thread ordered.
Enjoy your week and get sewing!!!!!


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