Sept 28, 2014

The last weekend in September and Fall is here:) It has been nice and cool in the morning  lower 60's with the highs only in the upper 80's. Just lovely!!!! Of course our leaves are turning... they usually do because of the heat and drought but not this year:) We have had rain almost every Summer month and that is VERY unheard of in Central Texas for sure!!!

On the home front... FIL is still in rehab and MIL has yet another UTI. They gave her Amoxicillin last time and with it still in her system the test showed another infection or still the same one? Got a different med and she is doing so much better. Have an appt Tues to see the kidney Dr and find out the results of the ultrasound they did a few weeks ago. Thinking it will all come back to her hygiene practices. She has days when her Dementia is really bad and she forgets a lot:( SIL should be taking over either Tues or wed... I am hoping for Tues!!!!

I got one quilt quilted and a few more Project Linus w scraps tops made. Also my daughter Kayla got her Crazy Steampunk wall hanging last week so I can post the pictures now:)

This is a Project Linus made with the disappearing Pinwheel pattern from Missouri Star. So love this pattern...may have to make another one soon:)

This is made using the Disappearing 9 patch pattern from Missouri Star. Great way to use up those scraps!

Here are pictures of Kayla's Crazy Steampunk Wall hanging.

Lot's of detail and hand stitching..

I painted the clocks with a stencil and then added the clock hands:)

Lots of lace, ribbon and specialty threads were used.

Great way to use up all those bits and pieces of leftovers or an excuse to go buy some! The pocket watch in the upper right that is open can also be closed.

This is a Steampunk spider and web:) We did find both in the Halloween section of Micheal's and then glued the gears on both.

These were the reject embroidery blocks... mostly because I messed up on color placement. Kayla wanted a table runner made with them.

They have lace, ribbon, and some fake leather and brads on them.

No gears and other goodies so she can actually place something on it.
It was definitely outside of my comfort zone but I can truly tell you I had a blast making it!!!!
This is a first time quilter:) She did an awesome job on her grand daughters quilt!

I did loops and hearts in pink:)

The backing...
My Snowman A-Z is all finished!!! Yea!!!!!

This pattern is by Crabapple Hill. Love her designs!!!! Now in the closet to be quilted... one day
Ok I have been cutting and going through my scraps for this project. Those are 1.5 in squares. Yes really!!!! I know it's insane!!!! Can't wait to start sewing them all together. Wonder what it will be???? You will have to wait and see:)

This is my view when I walk into the studio:) Bob the guard cat:) haha!!!
Well enjoy your week and I should have some quilting to show you next week:) Well I hope so!


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