Sept. 6, 2014

Howdy ya'll:)

Sorry I didn't blog last weekend but hubby took over in law care so I could quilt:) I have tons of pics for this week as I quilted 13 items this past week:) And guess what??? I have 13 in the closet again:) Yups I think the start of my busy season has arrived:) I love quilting everyone's special creations!

The inlaws are doing ok.... FIL s still in rehab and I think he will be there a bit longer... do they wait until they can move around with the cane or the walker before sending them home? He also needs help with the bathroom so hopefully they won't send him home too early!

One of the people I was visiting whenever I went over passed away:( He was 77 and had a rough last 2 years:( Granny is still there:) Also began visiting her roomie:) She is a quilter too:)

MIL had another UTI and then caught some kind of bug Tuesday night. Poor thing! Talked to the roomie who has a friend on Alzheimer meds and they were giving her UTI's so asked SIL to discuss with MIL Dr. Will get a report on Tues when I go back on duty.

Ok on with the show:)

These are Carolla's table runners. Love them boots!!!!
Makes me say Boots and Cats and Boots and Cats and boots and cats.......
ha ha!!

Closeup of my free hand quilting:)
Love the backing! So... um Christmasy:)

These pics show off Mary Belle's Nurse quilt. I quilted loops and hearts all over.

Here is Modern Jill's latest creation!

She has discovered Grunge fabrics and I think she loves them as much as I do:) They look great with her batiks!

Beautiful backing!!!! So swirly:)

Another Carolla quilt. Love when I know exactly what I want to quilt when I first see them:)

Saw the flowers in the plain blocks and the fun feathers in the border:)

Great backing fabric too!!!

Hubby needed a quick baby quilt for a guy that works at the same place he does... it is for a girl. Well I had these Disappearing Hourglass blocks made and I had the rest in my stash from making stuff for the Grand Daughter:)

Then I just looped all over.

Oops not enough backing.... but I did have a bit of the pink left and walla all done:)

Dot made a Project Linus quilt from leftover oranges:)

I always quilt them for free:)

Carolyn usually quilts her own quilts but this one was too big and she is having cataract surgery next week so I got to stipple all over:)

Really turned out nice!

It is a gift:)

Absolutely LOVE the backing!!!

Dot's wild orange and lime quilt:)

It is a gift for a former coworker.She used the striped tube method... haven't tried that one yet.

Just loops all over.

Now Judy from McKinney sent me 2 Project Linus quilts.

She always uses such bright and fun fabrics! I did loops and then water where the fishies were.

                            She also makes them for the bigger kids.

Her second one.

Just loops this time.

Such colorful flip flops:)

Here is Ninja Bob. He feels SO much better and stays in the studio except at nights.... guess when it gets cold he reverse that:) He plays so much now!!! Yes he is a lucky cat!
Enjoy your week... I am hoping to get a few more quilted before Tues.... Have a great week!


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