November 2, 2014

I survived The International Quilt Show in Houston!!!!! Yea!!!!

Yes I spent too much $, ate too much, ummm drank too much, and had way too much fun. I think that would qualify as a successful trip:) It was only a 3 1/2 hour drive there but almost 5 on the way back... gotta love construction... NOT!

There were some spectacular quilts there!!!! Of course my favorite was from Kathi Dossman from our Bee and guild:

Great Job!!!!!

Here it is hanging:)
I did try to see every quilt but think my eyes gave up with 1 row left.... I did however see every vendor:) Some even twice... I do have my priorities!!!
I am not going to post the hundred's of pictures I took. Most you can see online:)
I did take pictures of my purchases:) Only bought 3 yds of fabric. Oh and yes I have an Oliso iron heading my way:)

Yes more goodies:)

Last of them!!! I only had 2 extra bags to bring home.
Lots of wool projects... funny I am allergic to wool.... need to see what I can do to not itch when I work on them:) haha!!!

Added more to the sunflower before I left.... it's coming along nicely!

Saw this on a blog and had to make one!  It is a kit from Stitch Supply Co.

I added more white so I could get two made. Also needed binding fabric.
So bought it when I ordered yet another kit but a lap size. Hubby kept saying that would be really neat in a bigger size:)

All pieced by hand and quilted by hand:)
Love it!!!

Here is the back.... sweet!!!!
Well back to quilting tomorrow!!!!
Oh there is a show in Buda Friday so we are planning on going... yes more quilts!!!! You would think with the 1600 plus quilts I would be burned out... not!!!
Have a sewtastic week!!!!


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