Nov 15, 2014

What an artic blast that came through this week!!!! I didn't leave the house for 5 days:) haha!!! Had to quilt anyway:) We had 20's at night with wind chills in the teens and highs up in the 30's and now 40's. Another front coming through tomorrow:( We never have winter this early in the year!!!!
Fun to see how everyone dresses:) You have the shorts and flip flop people with coats and then the ones that look like they should be in Alaska:) Too funny!!!! Almost better than those Walmart people emails you get:) haha!!!

The closet is getting easier to get into finally:) But of course I still have quite a few to quilt:) Great job security! LOL!!!!

Ok on with the show:

Carolla's BOM is just stunning!!!! For being a newer quilter she is doing such an awesome job!!!

She lets me play:)

Did ruler work and free motion:)

The back shows some of my playground.

Couldn't take any pics outside:( It is draped across the frame in this one.

A nice close up:)

Gayle gave me this panel to quilt. Love the borders!

More ruler and free motion work:)

Back... lots of stitches:)

Another panel.... another great border treatment!

Used some Dot to Dot quilting.

More ruler and free motion.

Here's the back:)

She called this one Rainbow Chains. Had to hang over frame yet again:(

Quilted in all areas except the colored squares... made them pop right out!
Yes more Dot to Dot, ruler and free motion.

Love the backing fabric!!!! There is just something about B&W quilts with that punch of color that is just beautiful!!!
I have 2 more panels to finish for Gayle:)
The inlaws are doing well. SIL went home to care for her significant other and they have been doing it pretty much on their own. Hubby will pu food on the way home from work if FIL calls and help if they need it. I bet they are happy to be by themselves for a few days:)
Bob loves coming in at night and staying nice and warm! Hope all the animals that graze at our house have a warm place to stay!!!
Have a sewtastic week!!!! Till next time!


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