Feb 7, 2015


Yes I am still alive and kicking:) ha ha!!! As I was trying to figure out why I couldn't load pictures my computer crashed, died, just quit working:( So I ordered another one and it wasn't to be shipped until the 11th but arrived yesterday:) yea!!!!

Of course it is Windows 8.1 and that's WAY different then the Vista I had been using the last 7 years!
So as I upload all my soft wares and then email for support and call also... I might get it somewhat back to the way I want. Amazing all the stuff I still have to do:( Oh well!!!! 

Ok so I have been told I was missed:) Thanks guys!!! So I will post some pics today and hopefully more tomorrow. Some for the pics will be sideways and this new software is very different once again of what I used so please be patient:)

Ok so now lets see if the pics will load....... fingers crossed!

First up is Marlene's Christmas Baltimore quilt.

She always says when you see it you will know what to do:) She is right!!!

After do a few of the lines I asked myself... really 1/4 in apart are you crazy???? Yes I am but it really made the quilt!

The backing fabric is so pretty!

She also sent another 12 days of Christmas.

Did some bee board type of quilting in the borders.

Really turned out fabulous!!!
She sends them to me from CA:) She will be in Texas in April so will get to finally meet her:)

                                              Judy sent 2 more Project Linus quilts.

The ocean fabric is the cutest!!!!

#2.... thought she was crazy putting hounds tooth fabric in this one... but if you look really close... I mean I did and there are small Texas shapes:) TOO cute!!!

The fabric is from the Texas Shop Hop. See the mini Texas shapes????


Karen designed this pattern herself and did a great job!

It is bee and honeycomb fabrics.

Had SO much fun quilting it!

Even the backing is beehives!!!! Oh went to our local theatre last night with friends and saw the musical Ladies of the Beehive. There were so many gifted ladies singing!!!!

This is also Karen's quilt. It is for her son in Oregon and he likes heavy quilts.

Well this one is for sure!!! Made of wool and was easy to quilt except some of the wools were heavier than others so poor Dazi had to push a bit more in those areas... her ruler table enjoyed getting hung up on some of those seams:( Not!

The backing was wool too! She bought them all while in Oregon.

This was made by Carolla as a gift.

Beautiful scenery!

The hills are curved.... wait who is that in the right side??? Is he giving the quilt a high 5???

The sun shines over our flag!

the backing....

This is one of mine... yup sticking to getting some of mine quilted this year!
I pebbled all around the snowmen.

This is called Snow Guys and is hand embroidered.

Every orange nose is different fabric:)

I played with different patterns in all the wedges... which were from my scraps:)

The backing is a beautiful snowflake batik... had to buy something:) haha!!!
And last but not least my little wool candle mat. It is out for Valentine's day next week:)
I will post more pictures tomorrow so I can get all caught up again:)
Thank you for waiting on me:)
Happy sewing!!!


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