May 16, 2015

Hello all:)
I worked on one quilt all week and when she picked it up it was all worth it just to see her face:)
So let's get the pictures rolling!

Ok first up is my quilting guide. It is the plastic that is from a poster frame... I tape the sides so I know where it ends and the fabric begins. Then I draw with an erasable marker until I get what I want. Of course I have changed this as I am quilting... I stuck to this pretty much for this quilt. When I start I write the measurements on it also because once I slepz I forgetz:) ha ha!!!

Here is Erlene's awesome quilt!!! All the 9 patches were made in her Bee and they exchanged them. So there were a lot of fabrics... fun to see them all!

Played in the border a lot!!! If you click on the picture it will go to a bigger picture so you can really see the quilting!

More border:)

Side view.... sorry we had days of rain so this is the best I could do for pictures!

The 9 patches... excuse the long thread.

The backing really shows all the work I did:) I figured I quilted about 40 hours on it. It was SO worth it!!!!
Needless to say that was it for this week:) Did go to my Bee Friday so now they can see the quilt... 2 of my bee belong to Erlene's Bee and wanted to see the quilt:) Ha Ha! They had to wait!
Have one loaded for tomorrow for Dot's SIL from NC. She wants to take it back with her on the 26th... no pressure:) Can you believe I have 24 in the closet to quilt? All I can say is WOW and think how blessed I am! I will be open 4 years on the first and this is the busiest I have been! Guess this little hobby.... um business of mine is successful:) Thank you all for helping me!!!!!
Have an awesome week and stay dry... we are to get more rain... not complaining, we SO need it!!!!


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