May 24, 2015

Hi All,

We are all drowning down here in Texas!!!! Had 3.25 inches of rain last night and of course it was all within an hour or 2 so the studio got a little wet:( We soaked up all we could after moving a closet, bookcase and 2 smaller cabinets that hold all my long arm supplies  and then set the fans on it all night. Was pretty dry this morning so by 1 had everything back in place.... hate when this happens and haven't found a solution yet. The guy that poured the cement drive about 20 years ago is no longer living... so...... as long as we don't get 3-4 in in 1-2 hours or the wind is not blowing rain at 60 mph sideways we don't have any problems:) Yes the second case has happened before... only in Texas!
On the other hand I am hoping our lakes are getting full! we were fortunate to not have the serious flooding that the towns south of us did!

Got 2 items done this week and another is already on the frame and started:) Could only take indoor pictures again this week:(

Dora flew with this one from NC. And in Austin she arrived but her luggage did not:( Oh Oh!!! The quilt was in the suitcase:( Well the next morning her suitcase was on the front porch:) She did say she was carrying it on this time:)

Close up of one of the appliqued blocks.

Love stars!!!! There was a lot of play room for me too:)



Made this cutie for Joan's grandson that I will be seeing in a few weeks:)

He is a puppy lovie blanket from Embroidery Garden.
Guess I better get quilting.... got more in the closet then I ever thought I would:) Feeling blessed for sure!!!
Have an awesome week!!!


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