November already?

Ok now I know I am getting forgetful but November? Where did October go????
It is true that time goes faster the older you get:( Not a good thing!

We had tons and I mean tons of rain this past week!!!! UGH!!! We were in a drought then bam almost 11 inches in a span of a week and in a few days not spread out all week:( We were fortunate to not have as much as Austin and San Antonio:( They got it really bad! Also did not go to Houston for Quilt Fest but was concerned for friends that did go as it rained all the way down to Houston and Saturday. Looks like they may have some clear weather for trip home. Hope they have no problems!

Of course with that much rain the studio just had to invite some in:( UGH!!! It only happens a few times a year esp when we got 2 inches in an hour:( It also happens when the wind is blowing 60 mph sideways... yup has happened before. Supposedly the only way to fix it is to dig up the concrete in front of the studio and put a drainage system in... lots of $'s so will just keep fans on the ready!

So didn't get as much quilting done as I had planned:( One I can't show yet... it is a challenge quilt and can not be out in the world until it has been accepted... hope it is!!!!

Was going to finish Marlene's yesterday but as you will see I could not get to frame so will finish tomorrow:)

Did get this done though:)

First up is Megan's Texas Panel.

Love the borders all around it. She will have for sale at the Officer's wives Bazaar in a few weeks:)

She and hubby have orders to Korea but she is going to mail quilts to me:) Cool!!!

Bianca was busy yesterday:) My second embroidery project. Had 39 color changes:(  Am a master at threading now for sure!!! Found a button that would of combined some of the color changes but of course was over 1/2 way done by then. I will remember for next time! It is a gift to a special gal that is turning 80 in a few days:)

I finished up a bunch of table runner s a friend gave me as UFO's.
Got them all quilted on Bianca:)

This is the studio yesterday:(

All dry again:)

Plan on quilting a bunch again this week:) The Christmas rush has started so I need to get started also:) ha ha!!!!
We have decided in the family and with friends no gift exchange this year so that takes all that pressure off us!!! Yea!!!!

Enjoy your week and hopefully we get lots of sunshine all week!!!


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