January is almost gone.....

I hope if you were in the path of the snowstorms this past week that you are warm and safe!
We had a bit colder weather but all was dry. Suppose to get to mid 60's today and possibly 70's by next weekend:)

The first class with Bianca was a learning experience... ha ha!!!! No really I learned a lot! Now if I remember what I learned will be the thing! I go back in another week for more sewing... like zippers, blind hem, and so forth. This past class was lots of lecturing and getting to know all the buttons:) All in all an exhausting day! I think the allergy meds are really tiring me out! The classes are an hour away and 3 hours long so was pretty wore out by the time I got home!

We had Guild Tuesday night and it was our 25th anniversary:) Was a very nice presentation! An I was in charge of cutting up the beautiful cake:)

Then I quilted the rest of the week:)

This is Cam's bedspread.

I did a panto graph all over it.

She wants to use it as a reversible quilt.

I thought it turned out rather nicely!

It is a king sized monster:) ha ha!!!

Elaine hand appliqued these fuzzy numbers to make a baby quilt.

Just outlined numbers and then looped.

Flannel backing.

My Tula Petals top is a  step closer. The hexies are just pinned in rows so I can baste them down and then hand stitch them down. I have 8 little ones left and need to figure out how to incorporate them.... just kinda floating off the ends....

Week is pretty empty... yea! All I have planned is quilt, quilt, and get our passports done. We are planning a trip to Canada this summer and need to update ours. Our last ones were dated 1987-1997. Yup pretty old... shows we are definitely not world travelers:) We did however go to Hong Kong and China on that trip.
Enjoy your week and be Sew Happy!!!!


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