From shorts to sweats!

As you can tell in the title we had a wonderful week of weather:) Yes 90 degrees with a million degrees of humidity until Friday night and then VERY cold North winds and back to ling pants.... huh wonder what next week will bring? No rain as predicted though:( Everything is green and the bluebonnets are blooming:) Just beautiful!!! Haven't gone out to take pics yet... maybe next weekend?

As I told you last week this was a pretty busy week and I was only home a few days....

Monday I was sick:( Tues I quilted and went to Guild.
Erlene made this beautiful blue Block of the Month quilt.

She wanted my fathers with a swirl so put them in the border. I also quilted each star a bit different.

Can really see quilting on the back:)

Wed I had an awesome class. It was how to turn a picture into a quilt. Learned SO much as this is out of my comfort zone. Just needs to be stitched down and embellished... have the next purrtrait picked out. This is Gemma.

Thursday errands and worked on class project. Friday Bee and Sat quilt show. Was really ready for today as a day off!

These are quilted I really liked from the show... no information just pictures.

Do you see the stairs?

I quilted this one for Gayle and it was a winner!!!!

There were lots of quilts quilted by me in the show:)

Me with my sunflower. Not a winner at the show but is now hanging in my living room.

This is the Viewer's Choice. Just amazing machine embroidery crazy quilt. I talked to the owner... her mother made it... it took her 2 years and she had just finished it:) I am pointing to the squirrel because Kathy J is a squirrel and she is taking the picture:) ha ha!!!!

My Mary, Mary Quite Contrary. She got an honorable mention:)

Our Guild Do it Yourself Round Robin. We have to add embroidery border.... Bianca got right on that:) They are all cat quotes:)

Enjoy your sew wonderful week!!! Hope to get lots more done this week!!!!


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