Happy Easter:)

Hope everyone had a Blessed Easter:)
Quiet one here with a nice meal and hubby:)

What a week... I got hives.... have never had those before and never want them again! Have no idea what caused them either:( Am back to "my" normal finally:)

Got quilting done anyway:)
This is Pat's quilt for her grand daughter's wedding this summer.

She had collected purples for awhile:)

Just looped allover:)

Jean is a snowbird and made this quilt for the house here.

Not quite sure what the pattern name is.

You can see I swirled the background and big swirls in the flower petals. There were feathers in the border also:)

Elaine made this fall quilt for her son.

Her goal is to finish all her UFOs:) Don't we all wish we could get all of them done!

Just loops all over... love the backing!

Erlene made this Star quilt.

Of course love the modernism:) I quilted swirly feathers in the border and swirls in the background. The stars got matching colored quilting:)

She added the black along the sides so I had enough fabric to stretch:) Thank you!

Margaret made this colorful quilt for her daughter:)

I just looped it all over.

You can see the variegated thread on the backing.

Dot made this Chemo quilt with leftovers from her last project.

Just looped once again:)

Wish I had some of that backing for my chemo top I have finished!

Bob is telling me that I am doing it wrong:) Or right? Too funny!!!!
That is the last Bertie block getting sewed up. Have the last 4 in varying stages of completion:)

Have a funeral, a quilt show, and a concert to attend this week. Yes I plan on getting some quilting done also:)

Don't forget to find all your Easter eggs so there won't be anything smelly in a few days:) ha ha!!!


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