Rain, Rain, Rain!

That pretty much is the forecast for the weekend and most of next week:( We do need it but I am a sunshine gal:)

Was home most for the week so got a few things done:)

Sue made this adorable sea turtle quilt!!!

Water ripples and bubbles all over:)

This is her lake house spare room quilt.

Love it!!! All the time I was quilting it I was thinking... I want a lake house:)

Just loops all over:)

Hubby and I got my rug frame built yesterday:) Just need to add 6 more screw eyes... I forget to buy them:( and then I can start making rugs:) I don't have enough to do anyway:) haha!!! I am asking for  t shirts.... old and in any size and shape:) I need red, black, blue, and white ones:)  So when you clean out your closets or go to a garage sale think of me:) please!!!!!

I have one more quilt finished but will deliver it next week and don't want her to see it:) I also have one on the frame about 1/2 way done:)

My studio is in an uproar this weekend:( With the forecast calling for up to 4+ in of rain I have had to take my evasive measures for flooding:( What a mess!!! It does seem to work if I prepare... meaning that we usually don't get the forcasted amount... hope! Even if we do I have all the towels down to hopefully catch it! Bob is none to happy about his bed and toys being moved!  

Well am off to hand sew the binding down on a chemo quilt:) I finished another top today:)

Have a great week and hope I stay dry!!!!


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