April Showers better bring May flowers:)

After a rainy week... we were fortunate to only get 4 inches all week. Houston got those 13" in 6 hours:(  No major flooding in the studio except one day... the last one of course it came in and I had to use the fan to dry it but all in all not bad:)

The cottonwood is blooming and my allergies are on high alert:( When it blooms it looks like snow:( Yup I call it Texas snow. It gets everywhere and in everything:( Of course the rain just helped it along..... more drugs and more sneezing:(

Did get some quilting done this week plus a few other things:)

Mary W. made this bright BOM quilt,

Love the colors! The borders have the Washington Monument in it. She bought it from the designer Jenny Haskins.

The stripe sashing pulled it all together.. I played with each block.

Here you can see the fun feathers in the border.

This is a chemo quilt I got finished.

 Just loops. Made from a jelly roll and yardage. I have another already made just needs to be quilted.

Janice made this BOM quilt.
                            Quilted swirls in the background. She wanted the blocks to float.

Feathers and bee-board quilting in the border. Have such a hard time making the board lines match on each side. Still looks awesome!

Got to play in all the blocks:)

Backing view of feathers.

Ophelia made this Texas quilt.

Feathers and specialty quilting in all the blocks.

Sorry for the shadow hand but I finally got to take a quilt outside for the best sunny day we had all week:)

Close up inside studio.

Bianca stitched this out yesterday. I will make it into a pillow for MIL for Mother's Day. Of course Bianca decided after I set her back up for sewing to have her needle threader get stuck so I couldn't sew? Turned her off a couple of times but it didn't go back. Called store and she walked me through a few options... nope did not work:( She will go next week for a spa day since I get 2 free ones the first year anyway. Well this morning turned her on and all went back to the original position??? Guess she was just tired???

The hexie project I am working on. I have used all scraps so far:) Only 4 more sections to make before I start basting the black and white filler hexies:)

Well no rain until later this week so am happy about that! I am a sunshine gal and that will help!

Have an awesome week!!!!


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