Spring weather:)

It has been a strange week weather wise... 80's one day and then cold front with or with out rain and only in 70's.  Daughter in Ohio got snow... glad I am not there!!! I guess this is our normal:)

It was a busy week but didn't feel like I got a lot done... unless you see the 1 quilt I got done. I started it on Monday, worked on it Tuesday and most of Wed and then had to walk away!  Thursday I did errands and Friday was Bee. So back at it some Saturday and finished it today. I don't know how the ladies custom every quilt... I like the break with something simple in between:)

Ok this is what I did get done:)

Dolly made this stunning Judy Niemeyer Wedding Ring quilt.

Super custom work!

Mostly ruler and a little freehand... the pebbles and swirls.

You can really see all the quilting I did on the back. Just stunning!!!!

The last 2 Berties are done:)

My dear Friend Kathy D gave me these absolutely adorable hand towels that will never be used!!!! Thank you again Kathy!

Another  Lucy Boston Cross done:) Only 13 more:)

I had so much fun making Gemma I am working on Jax:) Learned a lot the first time so it's much easier this time! Yes he needs eyes still... had to work on other things:)

I had all this fleece laying around waiting for a project I didn't want to do anymore so gave it all to Pat from PL. She cut, scored and crocheted them all. Today I had Bianca emb them all:)

They will go to a child in need:)

This is my only sunflower this year. I protected it from the tree trimmer guy and from Hubby when he mowed and it was all worth it!!!

I am home all but one day this week so my quilts in line should go down? I have  18 in the closet and one loaded for tomorrow. Also I think 1 or 2 coming in tomorrow:) Job security!!!

Have an awesome week!


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