t was my Birthday week:)

Hi ya'll:)

I had a wonderful birthday week:) I went with some friends to Giddings and LaGrange and spent a few nights:) One night was in a Motel 6 because the AC was not working at the farm:( We survived and all met in my room and drank wine and played Quiddler:) There was a show in Giddings and of course we went to the Museum in LaGrange and all the shops:) FUN time!!!!

The grand kids came over today and we had a pizza party:) yea!!!! Man I am SO tired after they leave!!! What energy they have!!!!!

So needless to say I didn't get anything quilted:) I did get a little bit sewn before I left... the quilt on the frame will hopefully be done tomorrow or maybe Tuesday.

When I posted Puppy I had forgotten to place the picture I used next to it. 

My 2 BOM are done:) I am keeping up pretty well with it!

Well enjoy the week and I should have lots more to show next time!!!!

Happy Quilting!


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