June has arrived:)

Yes June has finally arrived and it brought more rain:( We had over 2 inches last week:( I am hoping that is all for a week or 2 as we really need to dry out! We have not had it as bad as others so we do count ourselves lucky!

June 1 is also my business anniversary:) I made it 5 years so far... yes so far..... I hope to make it 5 more years:) It is the longest I have very been at anything except my marriage, my children and some friendships. I usually only last 4 years at anything I had jobs in before... I get bored:( You guys keep me learning all the time! Thank you:)

I did get some quilting done this week. I have one still on frame about 1/3 done so will show it next week.
Started back with a easy stipple on this cute Doggie strip quilt for Margaret.

Used a variegated thread on the top.

And on the backing.
Margaret also stitched this beautiful Rose top. She has beautiful stem stitching!

Outlined it and then did curlz all around.

Love the leave and curlz pattern from Swirls and Twirls quilting tutorials!

Bettye's Bee had a 5 in Christmas fabric block swap last year. This is her project.

All she said she wanted was feathers..... um I think I got that:)

I am really having fun fitting them in spaces:)

Here is the back... you can see the variegated Christmas thread from the Christmas fabric blocks.

A few of in our bee are wanting to get an Art group together and I found this really neat site that you get a new challenge every month.
There is a new lesson every month from a renowned Quilter. I of course bought the whole year and will start with January lesson which is about Bias tape. I have a plan in my head so will work on it this week:)

Have a great week and Sew Sew sew!!!!


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