The Demo has begun!

Had a nice quiet Fourth of July. Just hubby, me and the furbabies:)

Workers started on Wednesday. They demolished part of the bathroom and then the plumber came. He couldn't finish his work because the wood under the tub had some rotted spots. Then came carpenter and he replaced the floor. Then the plumber came back and finished... he also had to move the lines to vanity over 3 in. The electrician had to put in a ground wire so he could put in the new wiring for the lights and new fan. Then the city inspector came and all passed:) So that was 3 days of work. Tomorrow they will start installing the shower and finish taking out the rest of the walls. We are having it gutted. The house was built in 1963 and this is the second major renovation it has had done. The first was the single car garage conversion to make a bigger living room for us. Thought we would find more problems but we aren't done yet:) I always remember it costs twice as much and takes twice as long... well when we do the work it does!
This is what my bathroom looks like for the weekend... at least I can use the toilet:)
All shower with a bench for when we get older:)

Moved the plumbing over for the new vanity.
All the square tiles will be gone:) yea!!!!

Well while they were working and the furbabies were locked in my bedroom Bob and I were in the studio quilting:)

First up is Gayle's Wish for Ellie quilt.

I just had to use a bright variegated thread in the black areas. Think it really turned out lovely!

Backing is Zen Chic fabric:) One of my favs!

Kathy J needed this baby quilt quilted quickly:) I just looped and hearts all over:)

Karley will be very happy to receive this cute quilt!


Gayle's second quilt. It is a cat panel with borders added.

Of course had to play a bit:) Some cats got fur and there is a long feather in the dark blue area.

Loops in the border like string for the cats to play with:)

Finished up the bias challenge top #2.  It is Dandelion:) I hand embroidered the word and the flowers. Now in line to be quilted:)

The next 2 blocks of my BOM.

We had a surprise rain storm come through last night:) I had thought about watering and was so glad I waited! We got over an inch of rain and lots of thunder and lightening.
I am now inserting the big triangles in an antique Lone Star quilt. I will show you a picture of it next week... it still needs the backing finished and of course quilted and bound. It is the second antique one from this customer.
So I have another week of Studio confinement so have another one of Gayle's quilts loaded already:) Hopefully they will be close to finished this weekend.... they did say 3 weeks... SO grateful for the
 in laws shower next door!!!!

Have an awesome week!!!


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