Last week of August already!!!

Hard to believe September is in just a few days!!! The Fall months are starting to fill up with activities!!! We have the State Fair in Oct and of course Houston Quilt Festival the beginning of November and I will be attending both this year!!! Have never been to the fair and it has been 3 years since Houston. Should be lots of fun!!!

Yesterday hubby and I ran away:) haha!!! Not really the SIL is in town so we went to Austin  and dropped off my littlest Bernina to get cleaned:) Then to Cloth Pocket... they are the cutest little shop! They will be moving in Oct to a larger building with lots of windows... SO happy for them! They are always so nice and I also took a picture of what I bought:)

Then off to other errands and ate at Catfish Parlour. Hubby loves the all you can eat catfish... he usually regrets it later that day:( haha!!!

I did get to feeling better and found out it wasn't the chenopods after all... ragweed has come onto the scene:( I have the right mix of meds and it has been good so far:)

I turned the raffle quilt in and they will trim and bind it and then start displaying it. When I get tickets to sell I will let you know and you can tell me how many you want:) Lots I hope!!!!

So on with the pictures:

The raffle quilt in all of it's glory!!!

I will just let you ohhh and ahhh:)

Here is the back.... more oohhhs and aaahhhs:)

Of course cats!!! Yes this is what I bought at Cloth Pocket. Am thinking of making a bag for me and my daughter as the larger print is more lineny.... is that a word? The smaller prints will be the lining and pockets inside. Yes more on my PIGS list:) 

Well hope ya'll have a great week or sewing and quilting!!!! Sending big hugs:)


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