Welcome September!!!!

Am hoping for cooler temps soon!!! Well it has been under 90 the last day or 2 so am hoping for it to continue:) We did get another shower or 2 during the week and Hubby had to mow.... was almost getting out of hand!

Was busy all week quilting:) Today we went and spent a few hours with the grand kids and their parents:) Always fun!!!

Here are the pics:
Roseanne made this quilt a few years ago for a friend that she then lost touch of. Well she found her again and will send her the quilt:)

Love the bunnies!!!

Lots of feathers:)

Erlene made this beautiful batik Shakespeare in the Park Quilt.

Of course I got to play..... so swirls/curlz.....

dot to dot and feathers!!!!

Love the motion the feathers gave to the snail trail!

Her is the back... you can really see all the quilting!

Here is what my studio looks like..... yes messy!!! Creative minds are messy.... right??? A vacuum will clean it all up tomorrow:)

This is Who I was working on:) A friend rescued him and helped him with his broken wing. They did release him and we are hoping he is soaring! All I have left to do is the quilting/stitching it all down:) Then trim and bind:) Hoping to get it done this week..... they named him Dr Who.

Hope you all have a relaxing or a very busy sewing day for Labor Day!!!


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