Where did fall go again??

Warmer temperatures are back again:( Along with Ragweed and Chenopods and Elm:( Lovely allergies!!! I have been doing pretty good except for one day last week so I am counting my blessings!

Since I was home a lot I got a lot done:) yea!!!

Joann made this Christmas quilt with a 5" block exchange.

She left me a lot of room for feathers!!!

How it looks on the back:)

Elaine made this snuggly flannel quilt for her son.

Just stippling and I outlined the stars.

Great backing!!!

Judy M made this cute quilt for the bottom of her bed:)

She said play and I did:) Can you see all those little squares? Wow!!!

Here is a back view:)

I finished cross stitching grand daughters stocking. Now to finish it so they can all get them at Christmas:) 

Since I got new glasses I can see to cross stitch again:) I am so happy about that because I am working on a sunflower cross on linen:)

Hubby and I ran away to Austin yesterday to pu a Bernina at the spa and drop off Bianca for her free spa day:) Then we attended the Austin Quilt Show. Such amazing workmanship and lovely vendors!
This is all I bought:) Aren't you proud of me???? Of course they are hand dyed fabrics so even though I got a little I spent a lot:) oh well don't want to leave any $ behind:)

We also had the best meal at Outback:) yums!!! Will go again when we have to pu Bianca in a few weeks:)

They are all from A Stitch in Dye. They are out of Austin and will be in Houston this year.... yup will purchase some more there:)

Hope you are all well and sewing!!!!


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