Fall has finally arrived and hopefully it will stay!

Hello all!

The title says it all about our weather this week:) The windows have been open everyday and long pants have been worn.... still wearing flip flops though:) Just beautiful!!!! Lower and upper 50's when we get up... perfect walking weather:) Yup everyday but Wednesday this week:) I am almost up to a mile and a half:) Highs in the upper 70's:) The weather should hold true until later this week when we will wake to upper 60's and high in the mid 80's. Still wonderful!!!

My back is much better so did a lot of quilting this week:)

Elaine's Christmas 4 patch is all done:)
Yes you have seen a few of these already:)

Surprises me all the time the way each person puts theirs together:) Same pattern but different fabrics:)

As you can see on the back... feathered circles and swirly things... yup technical name:)

Elaine's Fall quilt for ... herself:)

Just stippled all over with a variegated thread.

Love the backing!

One more from Elaine;)
Yes Bob is giving is appurrrrroval on this one!

I think this is his favorite:) They are all hand embroidered with 1 thread... I know!!!

Sweet backing!!!

Better picture without inspector:)

Bianca had a hiccup and decided to stop working again.... I have have have to remember to let her do her thing and not interrupt her!!! Here she is stitching out a Hip Cat on my backpack for Houston. The design is from Urban Threads.

All done:)

I am working with her some more today and will show you next time:)

I have a Texas quilt loaded and almost finished:) Super custom so worked on it 3 days so far....

Guess that's it form here:)
Have a wonderful week and get that machine going!!!!


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