One step forward, Ten back:(

I was feeling SO good... guess that should of been an omen:( I pulled something in my back Monday:( I tried all the normal home remedies and then on Thurs bought a TENS device. It seems to be helping. Was afraid of over using it but after googling it... how did we ever survive?... I can use as much as I want:) So glad for that!!!

I did get a few quilts done Monday and one loaded on Tuesday and there it has sat all week:(
Went to lunch with girls on Tuesday and wasn't too bad.... seems like as long as I am either up or down I am ok... no bending is allowed:( Well Wed was horrible!!!! I pretty much laid around and watched TV all day:( Thurs bought the device and started using it:) Still rested but x stitched:) Friday was another rest day... seemed it was hardest in bed... esp trying to roll over;( UGH!!!

Sat hubby drove us to Sew Crazy in Cedar Park... a new to me shop. And then to pu Bianca and we had lunch out. By the time I got home I was done in!!!! Didn't want to wear device out in public.... my bad!!!! Should of!!!! Today I doing somewhat better but still taking it easy and still using device... said to use up to a week and then may have to go to Dr as if they can do anything! So will see how I am on Thursday... of course it will prob take a month to see Dr:( I guess urgent care is a possibility. Am just hoping to be better soon!!!!

Here is what  did get done this week:
Margaret made this from scraps:)

Love the colors!!!!

Just a stipple in yellow.

This is Patricia's other quilt.

Great idea!!! Love the fabrics!

Just a stipple with a cream colored thread.

Dot made this Christmas quilt.

She always says if one border is good why not more:) haha!!!

Sparkly back!

This is a Flatty Cat for my gdaughter for Christmas.

Mermaid panel I bought this summer in Plano.. also for gdaugheter:)

The seahorse can wear the skirt too:)

Finished Marie's Christmas stocking... took a pic along side her sister's I made a few years ago.
Hubby had jury duty Monday but wasn't picked.
MIL arrived back home yesterday:)
The weather has been awesome all week!!! No AC on:) Wish I was walking!!!

What I bought at Sew Crazy:)

Have an awesome week and I SO hope to be quilting again!!!!


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