Happy March!

Also on March 2 was Texas Birthday:)
It was a busy week here as you will see in the pictures... there were lots of ups and downs:)
This adorable quilt belongs to Marylyn:)

I just love it!!! It is for her great grand baby:)

Sweet backing also:)

Kathy J made this for her grand daughter:)

When I first saw it all I could see were feathers:) Turned out lovely!!!

She used a great corner idea I may have to borrow:)

Bright beautiful backing!!!

Margaret made this sweet quilt.

Love how the half feathers give is some movement!

Scrappy back:)

My Wool Bluebonnet was done for the Birthday celebration but not framed till today... love the old barn wood!

Another Lucy Boston Cross all done... 2 to go:)

Okay those were all the ups down for the down... as in I fell down:( Yup walking and looking and bam on the street I was:( 
Think the pinky was jammed or pulled away from hand but it hurt the most!!!

Lots of bruising and swelling:(
Only painful when the pinky is moved or bumped:( OUCH!!!

My lovely knee that was the first to hit. Has a deep bruise and made it hard to walk but am now able to bend it and am walking much more normal today. I also hit part of my face and chin and the glasses have some scratches on the frame:(
This happened Friday morning so there has been healing!
Oh and yes I looked and could not see anyone around:) hahaha!!! I was only 1/2 block away from the house so hobbled home:(
May not be much quilting next week but I sure as heck will give it a try:)

Hope you all have a wonderful and safe week ahead!!


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