Happy Late St Patty's Day:)

Hello all:)

Busy week here this week..... KoKo was syringe fed all week:( UGH Not fun! But once her new food arrived that stopped:) She likes it much better and the others like it to so no conflicts in the morning:) She got her stitches removed yesterday and I was able to pu a bag of prescription dry and they all like ti also:) Of course the others will still have their food available in a place where she can not get to:)
She still takes 3 pills a day which she is not happy about but it will only be for another week and then maybe our lives can get back to normal?

My hand is definitely healing:) The bruising is only on the pinky now and  am able to bend it more everyday. The knee is also not as bruised but bending it or standing for any extended period of time is still painful:( But all in all a great improvement!

I did get some quilting done this week:)

My Project Linus Quilt is all done:)

Dot's challenge quilt She got way more pieces then I did in her kit!

She did a great job!

Pieced her backing since we could not buy anything:)

Ruth Ellen's challenge is great also!

Love Bow Ties!!!

Also pieced backing... Glad I am not judging the quilts!

#19 of the Lucy Boston blocks... only 1 more and then lots and I mean lots of filler blocks.

Brenda's grand daughter's first quilt.

She did a really great job!

Love the backing fabric!!!

Here is Missy KoKo:) If I fits I sits:)

Ok this is what happens when you are watching Victoria and didn't pay attention to what you were doing:) haha!!! Of course I had to unsew:( That is not fun as I am using a fine weight thread and small ladder stitches. The block its right now and will be getting it's muslin hexies attached today:)
I just thought you might like to see that not everything goes as planned:)

Hope you have a sew wonderful week! I am out more then in but am about 1/3 done on a quilt for the show in July for a customer... hope to be done this week:)


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