June is here!!!!

Hello all:)
June has arrived and it is a busy month for me:) Am heading to  retreat Tuesday and will be gone most of the week:) Then home a week and then flying to Ohio to spend a week with my daughter:) FUN!!!!!

More rain this week.... still have a leak in the studio:( Repairman will be here the end of the week to see what can be done.... I took video of the rain going where it wasn't suppose to!

Got a few things done this week:)

And the secret can be revealed:) Judy sent me this adorable quilt to  quilt for a mutual friend:) Neither of us leaked a thing and she was VERY surprised on Friday:)

Judy did a marvelous job sewing all those rows together to create the Giraffe.

I got the fun part:)

I guess this guy has traveled many miles!!! Mckinney to Cove to Mckinney to Kempner.... hope he wasn't too tired!

Marlene sent me this Christmas quilt from CA. No it did not make it any cooler when I quilted it:) 
ha ha!!!

Santa is flying through the night sky with swirls and curlz left behind!

The little town has snowflakes drifting down.

The backing is perfect match!

These 2 pillow shams were made by Helen. I also have a matching t shirt quilt that is up first after I get back:)

Judy Mc made this adorable quilt for Project Linus.

Just love these guys!!!

Solid blue back shows all the quilting... on to Pat to do the binding.

My Summer wool table topper. Suppose to be more emb but I like it the way it is:)

I made this sweet little ballerina for grand daughter as she has her recital next Sat. All made mostly on Bianca... speaking of her ... she will be dropped off on the way to the retreat for bad behavior! Her bobbin case will not come out on it's own:( Hope it is an easy fix! She is so temperamental!!!

Sewing a few bindings on and will show you hose next time!!!
Have an absolutely amazing week!!! I will:)


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