Travel week!

Hi All!!! 
I have many many miles under my belt this past week!
If you follow me on FB you know where I have been... if not here is a picture loaded tour:)

First we drove to Austin and flew to Atlanta and then to Ohio:)
There were delays due to weather, perhaps a chance of loss of cabin pressure, no flight attendants, no ground crew... you know the story! We were to land at 10:30... well it was 3 AM. We did get there however!!!

Why Ohio? My daughter and hubby live there:) We stayed close the first day.... mostly Columbus and surrounding areas. This is Hayden Falls... named after my grand daughter:) ha ha!!!

Then to Schmidt's for the best ever German food and they also had a candy shop next door:)
Also went to 2 quilt shops. 

Next day we headed to Canada:) This is Lake Erie on the way:)

Here we are on the US side of the falls. That's me and daughter:)

The US side is not as touristy as the Canadian side but it was good to see both!

Hubby and me on the US side.

Now on Canadian side. That is the Horseshoe Falls.

Those are the US falls.

Picture time:)

That is the boat we will be on..... thought we were in a lot more!

Our proper attire is on:)

US falls from Hornblower cruise. After that there was SO much spray you could hardly see:) The ponchos did help with keeping your top half pretty dry:) Was SO much fun and I do recommend it to everyone that goes!
We passed the Tower on the way across the bridge....

And yes we went up it:) The views were just amazing!!!!
US Falls.

Canadian Falls.

We spent the night in Canada and then headed to Hershey PA to where else but the Hershey Factory!

The chocolate smell hits you right in the face when you enter!!! We did the tour and bought a bunch of candy before heading back to Ohio,

Got in just before midnight so Friday was an easy day of just shopping and eating:) 

Yesterday we visited the Rose Gardens had lunch and then headed to airport for our journey back home:)

Made to Atlanta on time:) We missed going to our fav restaurant on the way up but made sure we were there on the way home!

Beautiful sunset on the flight, We were only 10 min late getting back, got the bag, found the shuttle and then drove home:) Was a world-wind trip but had lots of fun!!!! Now we need a vacation to rest up:) ha ha!!!

My treasures from the trip:) Daughter bought me the ornament for my Birthday:)
We visited Red Rooster Quilts and Quilt Beginnings in Dublin, OH and then The Laughing Ewe in Canal Winchester OH. We tried to pop in one on our road trip somewhere in PA but it was closed that day:(

We have now been to Ohio, NY, PA and a bit of WV:) Would love to go back in a year or 2 and do the Amish country tour:) The kids plan to live there for 3 more years so we have the opportunity!

Guess after a few days I can get back to my reg routine!

The cats were cared for by Pat and Allen my neighbor fed the outside ones:) They were all VERY happy to see us!!!

Have an awesome week and I hope to get something quilted this week!!!


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