WHOOOO what a week!!!

 Wow was I surprised when I attended our quilt show and I had won some ribbons:)
You think you know which ones will win what or that none will win and you got it all wrong:)
So this post is VERY picture heavy!!!

Through the Prism.

She won a first and a Best Use of Color:) The judge described it as 3d:) That is just awesome!!!


As you can see a second place and Award of Merit for Outstanding Achievement in Quilt Making:) Gushing!!!

Diamonds R Forever 

She got a third and I really thought she would be the big winner... what do I know anyway:)
So there was a lot of celebrating and happiness spreading around!!!

The ribbons were made by guild members and you have seen some of their quilts here... Erlene, Mary W, and Martha. Great job ladies and I am SO proud to own a few:)

Hubby and I had been there Wed to help setup poles and curtains and on Thursday they judged. I attended on Friday:) and then on Sat hubby and I went to help take quilts down and to help tear down everything.
I felt it was a successful show and loved it being in the church... seemed to be so much friendlier then in a big building! Hope we do it again there in 2 years!

Okay so I did get some work done before the show work got going:

This is Kathy J's baby quilt.

Just simple loops and hearts all over:)

Pat made this patriotic quilt.

Just simple loops and stars all over.

Oh look it could be reversible:)

Linda W made this for her great grandson for Christmas.

More loops.... loved looking at all the different fabrics!

Spiderman backing.

Judy W made this sweet table topper.

More loops....

Love the backing.

Shelley N donated a kit and I threw the directions away and made 3 Project Linus tops instead of just the 1 quilt.

I think they turned out sweet!

Other news:
MIL went to ER on Wed.. yes as we were finishing setting up... she passed out and they could not wake her up. The ER Dr said mini stroke but the next day we were told it was the benign tumor between her brain and skull. It grew some and put pressure on her brain. She is well and back at the center. She will see a Neurologist to see what the next step will be.

It was 106 on Thursday:( UGH!!!! 104 Friday and was still 99 at 7:30 pm. The heat did arrive! The weatherman is saying we may drop to highs in the 90's by the end of the week... I am happy about that! The heat is just miserable!
I am SO glad we have AC!!!!

Well home most of this week so will be quilting a lot:) yea!!! Was good to have the break but I am ready to get back at it!

Have a fantastic week!!!


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