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Sunday, July 2, 2017

Summer has officially arrived!

Ok so it arrived while we were gone but anyways.... the temps are in the 90's and humidity is spiking them to the 100's:( Gotta love Texas!! But truthfully it hasn't been in the 100's with heat index over 110 yet... yes we have that to look forward too:( Just crank up that AC!

Still trying to get back on schedule this week.... we have a new routine and a new way to eat so there have been adjustments! SO needless to say I didn't get much done this week... there's always next week:)

I finally got the fence and flowers put up. The board on the bottom was replaced and they put the extra board there for the water run off. Looks welcoming I think:)

I also have all the ABC blocks and the words emb and trimmed ready to sew together:)

This is Lucy Boston with all her pieces pinned to the design wall.... yes I am missing a corner stone but that is better then having too many! I also know how many more pieces to baste and get ready... like a gazillion:)
Think I need another design wall.... this project is hogging up the main one so may buy a flannel backed tablecloth and pin to another wall for the fast moving projects.... did I really say fast moving???? As if!

This is the quilt I have been quilting on.... almost finished:) Will trim and bind and then share:)

Guess that's all from here:)
Hope you have a purrfect week!

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