Strange July.... rain?

Hi all:)
It is strange weather here in Texas this year! We have almost hit 100 a few times and do you believe we had rain today??? We NEVER get that in July! Not much but a good down pour... still will need to water the backyard as I have many trees that block the rain.

Was very busy quilting this week! I am getting ready to only quilt 2 days next week as we prepare for our quilt show:) Hubby and I will be helping setup and tear down... yup manual labor:) And then of course have to attend the show:) I have 3 quilts I am submitting:) 

Ok so here is what I got done this week:

Joann hand appliqued all these beautiful flowers!

I played and gave them all some character.

You can see the work on the back so much better:) It is a late wedding gift for a grand daughter I think?

Marlene made this applique beauty!

I have done quite a few house quilt for her. I played and accented a lot!

Just plain backing to really show off my quilting!

Then the Project Linus and Chemo quilts began to pile up and get in the way... so I quilted them:)

Just stippled.

Loops in border and butterflies got outlined and the bodies just pebbles.

This is a chemo quilt.

Just loops and meander.

Nice to have some room to move again:)

Sewed all the ABC blocks together for grand daughter 2's quilt. The lace in the corner will be put on when the binding is attached.

Another Project Linus quilt. Just meander and loops.

And the August wool block is finished. I keep saying it's September for some reason??

I went through FIL closet and got a bunch of his shirts and am deboning them so I can make a quilt:)
I don't have anything else to do right? HA!

I have all the Lucy Boston Crosses pieces made and will start making rows so I can put together:) yea!!!!

Well enjoy the week and sew some!!!


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