Feels more like Fall today... but wait:)

Hi All,

When I did laundry today I had shorts and sweats in the pile... yup TX weather for sure! It was in the 70's the past few days and then last night a front came through and brought high winds and 1/4 in rain and lower temps:) yea!!! Only in the 60's today... forecast has upper 30's as evening temps at the end of the week:)

We have been working in the kitchen... the new oven and stove top arrived. The stove top will stay in box until the new counter tops are put in... it was on a great sale:) The oven is in but of course the connection thingie isn't right so have to find the right one. The walls and cabinets are about ready to be painted but we still have to do the built in above the cabinets... have not had time to get supplies... the oven arrived at 8:45 yesterday morning:)

Hubby went to pu his mom for bingo and she was slumped in her chair. They took her to hospital by ambulance and then to Scott and White in Temple by Helicopter. They thought she had a stroke but her brain tumor had gotten a bit larger, her bp had been up and the blood thinner all made the tumor bleed. She is to speak with the neurologist tomorrow. with her age there will be no surgery so most likely more pills.

I did get some quilting done this week and have a big one still on the frame I hope to finish tomorrow:)

Here is the show:)

Cam made this sweet baby quilt for a fellow sorority sister:)

Love the color palette.

Just looped all over as she needed it fast:)

Brenda made this yummy gingerbread quilt:)

Had fun looking at all of the different gingers.

Ruler, curlz and outlining on each block.

Fran made this lovely braid quilt.

Used a ruler in the white sashing and then matching thread feathers in all the braid parts.

The backing is the softest fabric ever! A nice organic yellow.

Another 5D diamond picture is done:)

Finished the male flannel chemo quilt.

Was nice sewing the binding on when it was cold:)

This is the center of the La Passion quilt:)

Hope ya'll have a great week!!!
I will be quilting:)


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