Dec 28, 2013

Hope everybody had a great Christmas! Ours was nice and quiet! Granddaughter came with her parents for a bit. She definitely figured out how to open presents this year. She opened every bodies:) She is almost 3 now:) Growing like a weed and such a delight!
I have been a quilting machine. What??? Aren't you suppose to be off you ask??? Yes I am so I am SO quilting my tops:) It got to where I couldn't fit any more new tops in the closet:( So I am clearing them out by quilting them:) YEA! I have SO many more to make and need the room to store them until I quilt them:) ha ha!!!
Sorry this post is VERY picture heavy as I had helpers)

First up is my Snowman BOM. It has been in the closet for about a year.

All hand applique and embroidery.

Had great fun playing:)

Here is the gorgeous backing! I did feathers in the border.

Here is my Whoooolala quilt!

If you remember Karin knitted the owls for my Birthday back in June.

I used a layer cake and just played  to make the quilt:) Had a lot of fun quilting it. Just such a happy quilt!

Look there are even owls on the back:)

Here is a scrap quilt I think I made 10 years ago:) I know!

If I remember right the only thing I had to buy was the backing:)

I did a new Featherz and Curls panto on it.
Here Jax in keeping all the other cats off it:)

Didn't work! waldo was next to hold down the fort:)

This a Civil War reproduction fabric quilt. I think it was also made about 10 years ago.

I think the pattern name has Half Stars in it:)

Used the Featherz and Curls panto again. It was all setup and ready to go:)

Muslin as the backing. I used to do that all the time. Not anymore:)

Gemma and Waldo slept on it keeping it safe so I could finish the binding today:)

Here is what happens when I work on bindings.... yes Jax is in my lap:) What a great helper!!!! NOT!!!
Well my daughter is flying in next week so may only get one more done . That's ok there will only be 9 left to quilt:)
I will post Christmas gift pictures next week as everybody has their gifts now:)
Happy New Year!!!!!


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